Ethereum got punks Cardano got Hunks.

Hunks are fully on-chain NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. A Hunk NFT contains two base64 encoded PNG images of the Hunk: a 312x312px and a 598x598px version.The Hunk NFT is stored on-chain without IPFS or web browser dependencies. More than 10.000 Hunks will never exist.

Policy ID



Which blockchain?

Hunks are dropping on Cardano and can only be purchased with its native currency ADA.

Will the Policy lock?

The policy will lock on 01/02/2023, ensuring that the NFT collection can never be altered.

Where can I see the entire Hunks collection?

It will not be possible to see the entire collection before all Hunks have been minted. But you can see the currently minted ones at OpenCNFT.

How is rarity calculated?

We used a rarity based on a trait score method and use trait normalization. Read about it on CnftJungle. Protip: a Hunk's trait count (very few traits or very many traits), as opposed to trait rarity (% earrings vs % no earring), can become a cherished rarity among collectors even though it is not included in rarity calculations.

Why is my Hunk not displaying on

Hunks are 100% on-chain NFTs, which are currently tricky for to automatically render. Until all 10.000 Hunks are minted, needs to manually add render support for every newly minted Hunk. We've talked to and agreed that they will add render support in 3-4 batches for newly minted Hunks. When all Hunks have been minted, they will all be displayed.

What is "on-chain"?

"On-chain NFTs" are NFTs where the entire NFT, including the artwork, is stored on the blockchain itself. On-chain NFTs, if done right, are considered extremely safe. Off-chain NFTs have their artwork stored externally and have several points of failure.

What is the Hunk distribution?

The founders reserve 5% of the collection for personal use.

Can owners of a Hunks NFT purchase a print?

The prints and NFTs are sold separately. Holding the NFT does not warrant the NFT owner the rights to buy a print.However, we do value the commitment of our NFT collectors who also wish to own a print and want to accomodate them.